Group Lessons for Young Beginners (Group Piano)


The Des Moines Symphony Academy’s pre-piano classes provide students, ages 3-7 years old with the knowledge and skills for a lifelong appreciation of music. During each of our weekly 45-minute classes, your child will learn music fundamentals through discovery-based activities in a nurturing, exploratory environment. Fundamentals include reading musical notation, singing and moving to music, ensemble playing, improvisation, ear training, conducting and a relaxed piano technique.

Parent participation is not necessary during class time; however, the pre-piano class curriculum is simple and easy to learn, so if you have some musical training, you can enjoy making music side-by-side with your child at home. The music from each lesson will be familiar and fun for both you and your child, coming from a rich heritage of nursery rhymes, folk songs and original compositions.

Group Lessons for Young Beginners schedules classes in (3) 9-week semesters (Fall, Winter, and Spring), with shorter 3 or 4-week sessions in December, June and July.

Group Lessons for Young Beginners is a sequence of three pre-piano music classes. Level one, POCO PIANO, is for Children ages three or four years old with no previous music instruction. Level two, PRESTO PIANO, is for Children age four years old who completed the Poco Piano level or for Children ages five or six years old with no previous music instruction. Level three, PIANO PARTNERS, is for Graduates of the Presto Piano level and help students move successfully into private lessons by participating in both private and group instruction during the 45-minute class.

Our class schedule accommodates young musicians enrolled in either morning or afternoon pre-school programs.

All Group Lessons for Young Beginners classes are taught in our Group Piano Studio, 2nd floor at The Temple for Performing Arts.

Fall Semester – Sep 16 through Nov 16, 2019
Winter Semester – Jan 6 through Mar 9, 2020
Spring Semester – Mar 23 through May 23, 2020
Summer Semester – (4) week sessions in June, July and August 2020

CLASS SCHEDULES – Register Today!
Our Fall Semester Class Schedule is now available.  A full listing of our Fall Semester classes can be found on our Group Lessons for Young Beginners Registration Form below.
To register for Fall Semester classes, please complete a registration form and return it to Joshua Barlage, Managing Director, at
Des Moines Symphony Academy Group Lessons for Young Beginners Fall Semester Registration Form Rev Sep.3.2019

Des Moines Symphony Academy 2019-2020 Group Lessons Tuition, Attendance and Student Safety Policies – rev Aug 2019


Classes that do not enroll the required minimum number of students 5 days prior to class convening may be cancelled. Students that have paid for a cancelled class will receive a refund or may apply credit to another class or private lesson.

Any class missed due to inclement weather will not be made up.  Classes missed due to Instructor absence will be made up. Make-ups for missed classes due to student absence will be made-up at the discretion of the Instructor.

If a family needs to drop a class, the Des Moines Symphony Academy will consider refunding the classes missed if dropped within the first 2 weeks of the semester.