Anita Mischuk
  • Title Alexander Technique Instructor

MA – University of Cologne (Germany)

Anita Mischuk is a graduate of the Alexander Alliance International, Germany.  She is a certified teacher of the Contemporary Alexander Technique.  She began her studies in Germany, France, and the US with her principal teachers Robyn Avalon (CAS) and Bruce Fertman (AAI) in 2012 and became certified in 2017.  Anita’s principal teachers were taught by Marjorie Barstow, F. M. Alexander’s first student.

Anita was first introduced to the Alexander Technique while taking formal voice lessons in Germany.  The Alexander Technique has made her singing easier and richer.  Changes from her singing and music studies in the Alexander Technique spilled over into all aspects of her life.  She had a monumental shift in perspective about life and newfound awareness of an increased potential In herself; it was this that led her to become a teacher of the Alexander Technique.

Anita moved permanently from Germany to Iowa City in 2017 and opened her own AT practice, Alexander Technique Mid-West.  She has taught the benefits of the Alexander Technique to singers, musicians, and health and wellness practitioners in Germany and the US.  In 2018, she was a guest faculty member in the wellness program at the Meadowmount School of Music in New York, where she worked with professional musicians and music students from all over the world, including many from the studios of Elmar Oliveira, Gerardo Ribeiro, Hans Jorgen Jensen, William van der Sloot and Ivan Ženatý.