The Iowa All State Musical Festival is a statewide tradition that brings together student musicians for a unique audition experience and culminates in a collaborative concert, which is aired on IowaPBS. On October 23, 2021, thousands of student musicians grades 9 through 12 auditioned for the Iowa All-State Choir, Band, and Orchestra. Students prepare for these auditions for months and those with successful auditions then spend a weekend on the Iowa State University campus collaborating and rehearsing for the final concert on the evening of November 20th. 

Congratulations to the following Academy students who were selected to participate in the 2021 Iowa All-State Music Festival Orchestra or Band: 

Vyas Amalkar, Jayda Archer, John Cahalan, Ethan Cecil, Annamaria Dimon, Presila Edward, Alec  Fialkov, Henry Golay, Martin Hachmann, Campbell Helton, Sophia Huber, Jordyn Jumper, Connor Kennelley,, Katelyn Knight, Caera Knowles, Ethan Kwon, Luci Laidlaw, Grace Landmesser, Mari Mineck, Cruz Muntz, Philip Na, Emily Nguyen, Lauren Parkins, Seth Rezek, Alihn Rowley, Nikolay Silkin, Sam Stember, Nathaniel Suddarth, Avery Suza, Britt Swanson, Devon Tsia-Olson, Anleah Walker, Kate Waters, Olivia Weil, Luke Wittrock, Estelle Wong, Skye Yu, and Grace Zhang.

We're so proud of your resilience and your ability to continue making music through this unique year. 

Tune into IowaPBS on Thanksgiving Day, November 25, at 7:00pm to watch the festival.