Recently, the Symphony board and staff were asked to consider why we were so determined to keep the music playing throughout all the upheaval and uncertainty of the previous two years. From that reflection, the following statement was developed:

Symphonic music is one of the most powerful and enduring forms of human expression. This is why the Des Moines Symphony & Academy serves our community by performing and teaching this great music that communicates the deepest of emotions, feeds our souls, lifts our spirits and provides joy and beauty to all who listen. 

That’s the why. You’re the how.  

We are only able to do what we do because of our wonderful donors. Your generosity supports the musicians and music we all love, helping us to continue to lift spirits and provide joy and beauty for years to come. 

From November 16 –November 23, we will celebrate you, our donors, with heartful messages that honor all you do to help the Symphony remain a vibrant part of the Central Iowa community. And to further show our appreciation, all donors will receive exclusive offers and benefits.