Join us on Sunday, May 30 for a new Family Concert in partnership with the Animal Rescue League of Iowa!

Join us Sunday, May 30 at 4:00PM for a brand-new family concert performed at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa. Music isn't just for humans, but animals too! Tune in as violinist Renee Brechtel and violist Chuck Miranda play Mozart, Bach, and more for the animals at the ARL. You'll learn some tips and tricks to help train dogs, meet some cute and cuddly cats, and see how horses interact with classical music. Working with animals and training them to do new tricks is very similar to practicing music every day at home. Patience, consistency, positive reinforcement, and daily commitment are what lead to success. 

Suitable for all ages!

Watch the concert on our Facebook and YouTube pages, or right on this page using the "play" link above! The link will go live at 4PM on Sunday, May 30 and can be watched on demand anytime after the initial broadcast.

Learn more about Renee and Chuck.

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